Atatürk Gymnasium

Bursa, TR

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality


15.800 m²

Team Members
Bilge Altuğ, Mehmet Metin Polat, 

The project’s foundation is to connect surrounding public areas that represent different timelines but are detached from each other. This would be allowed by using three open-air spaces created by the intersection of the project area with the Culture Park, National Garden, and Stadium Street.

These intersections could be described as; Entrance arena: Located near the densest urban texture, it provides access from Stadium Street for both pedestrians and vehicles. The meet-up/waiting area underneath the building's console covering is in this arena. Activity garden: The building connects to the national park at this intersection. It compensates for the lack of open-air sports grounds in the national garden, so visitors can also benefit from the new facilities. A foyer for the swimming pool is located here that opens to a broad arena and field. Park Square: The wall between the Culture Park and the project area is omitted for the new design to expand and connect to the park. This area, where the foyer is attached, is a conjunction between the park, the national garden, and the building. A ramp connecting the site to the national garden is designed for continuous pedestrian access to the Culture Park entrance of the building.


Designing the building as a simple, partially buried low-rise allows relating to various levels in the premises. The audience entrances for the basketball field and swimming pool are located at the Stadium Street level, while the service and athlete entrances are at Culture Park level. Therefore, the different levels are used for separating entries for various users. The mass is a cover carried on concrete cores, and underneath, it contains functions to enhance sports and sports activities in the area.


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