Architect Sinan Museum and Architecture Center

Kayseri, TR

Kayseri Municipality


4.480 m²

Team Members
Bilge Altuğ, Mehmet Metin Polat

Honorable Mention

The project revolves around designing a museum intended to understand and depict Sinan, an architectural figure from the past, from today's point of view. The master's many projects and works in different locations would need face-to-face interaction. Therefore, a more straightforward approach would be the museum as an outer covering for representations of the master's work. Even though the museum’s inventory is uncertain, the building is designed to serve as a simple ground for discussing, exhibiting, and expressing contemporary architecture in Turkey and being home to various depictions of autochthonic architecture.

The project location is part of the ongoing National Garden project in Melikgazi district, Kayseri. Surrounded by the city museum, festival area, and a square for events contained in the National Garden, the museum serves its neighbors with enclosed/semi-open venues designed according to the sustainability principles that work in a continental climate. It is where the nonlinear progress in history is collected and conveyed to people with the help of visual elements. The planning for exhibition spaces provides flexibility for the uncertain inventory. The design combines this architectural center's ability to evolve and transform with all the architectural potentials of a museum. Therefore, the project mainly derives from the concept of "open, uninterrupted spaces.” The functional program is stacked vertically, creating an iconic image within the extensive vacancy surrounding it. The monolith higher than its surroundings turning green over time promises a bright, luminous interior in contrast with its blind façades.



The vertical alignment of functions with the help of open-plan design interprets rich internal spaces created by the use of monumental spheres from the old masters. It will be home to exhibitions on architecture and architectural elements. The primary, simple form allows the exhibited to be highlighted through the instrumentality of structural design.


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